Why Visit Mexico?

Why not visit Mexico? Magic towns, temazcal traditional healing, a silver mining town dedicated to jewelry, lucha libre, and much more will surprise and delight you. Not to mention the food…

Tepoztlan is a “Pueblos Mágicos,” or Magic Town. Its unique cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, and art crafts offer visitors magical experiences.

A Temazcal experience validates Tepoztlan’s magic. Shamans perform curative ceremonies in these traditional Mexican sweat lodges using herbal concoctions to promote well-being and detox healing for body, mind, and spirit.

Temazcal, Tepoztlan, Mexico ©2019, Cyndie Burkhardt.

The silver mining town Taxco, elevated in Mexico’s southern mountains, dates back to pre-Hispanic times. Its reputation is built on high-quality silver handwork, especially jewelry production. This national treasure reveals steep and narrow cobblestone streets and colonial architecture.

Arena México is where you go in Mexico City for a lucha libra match, with every ounce of entertainment and spectacle. Mexico’s unique professional wrestling is characterized by colorful masks, rapid sequences, and high-flying acrobatics. Luchadores create alternate personalities with outfits that convey mystique and secrecy. You’ll never know if the person walking by you on the street is the same one you saw in the ring.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are the enduring power couple and love story of Mexico and the global art world.

The Aztecs built Xochimilco’s famous canals as a vast water transport system. Visitors today cruise through on colorful trajineras (gondola-like boats) and watch all sorts of vendors and mariachi bands float past, peddling their goods.

Wherever there’s meat, plants, and toppings to pile on a tortilla you’ll enjoy a delicious meal. Want a snack? Grasshoppers and pork rinds have a good crunch. Churros and pan de Muerto satisfy your bread craving. How to wash it all down? Duh, tequilla.

A shout-out to the celebration of dia de los Muertos.

From the blog: Temazcal is a Traditional Mexican Sweat Lodge, Just Don’t Call it a Sauna. First Impressions—Mexico City.


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