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October 2019

Dia de los Muertos face paint, Mexico City, Mexico ©2019, Cyndie Burkhardt
First Impressions—Mexico City
First Impressions—Mexico City 768 1024 Cyndie Burkhardt

From Frida Kahlo, to churros, Lucha Libre, tequila, and quesadillas, they’re all here…

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Blue car, Havana, Cuba ©2019, Cyndie Burkhardt
Santería in Havana Forest
Santería in Havana Forest 1024 768 Cyndie Burkhardt

Afro-Cuban religion and rituals are practiced openly in the Havana Forest.

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Botero sculpture of Adam and Eve, Medellin, Colombia ©2019, Cyndie Burkhardt
The Colombian Beauty Secret
The Colombian Beauty Secret 870 1024 Cyndie Burkhardt

Colombian women are killing themselves at the gym. Why the obsession?

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Graffiti art in Medellin, Colombia ©2019, Cyndie Burkhardt
My Personal Curandera for a Day
My Personal Curandera for a Day 988 1024 Cyndie Burkhardt

Albita Guerrera is a curandera and her name means Warrior

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