Why is Thailand popular?

Thailand is popular to visit for a long list of reasons, including wide-ranging culture, nature, and good food. Its real magic however is the Thai people, whose genuine kindness and warmth will make you want to stay.

The elephant is the national symbol of Thailand. Feeding one by hand, in a sanctuary that protects these sacred yet often abused animals, offers a unique close-up. For one thing, you get to see its trunk. It tickles to the touch, it’s funny looking, and it maneuvers in all directions to pick up food and eat. The size and ruggedness of these animals belies their gentle and sensitive nature. When you look an elephant in the eye this amazing creature looks back at you. You look and it sees you!

Elephant Freedom Project1, Chiang Mai, Thailand ©2019 Cyndie Burkhardt.

Ladyboy history and culture is unique in Southeast Asia. Many people travel to Thailand specifically to meet these girls and shows are a must-see. Sing along and chat it up with these fun-loving performers for one of the best evenings you’ll have in Thailand.

Ladyboy show, Chiang Mai, Thailand ©2019 Cyndie Burkhardt.

Monk Chat at MCU Buddhist University is where you go to meet a young Buddhist monk and casually chat about anything. A monk’s life, Thai Buddhism, Thai culture and tradition, and the meaning of life (suffering!) are all open for discussion and contemplation.

The Karen hill tribe villagers live simply, and they produce stunning silk textiles and garments. Muay Thai, aka Thai boxing, is a combat sport characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins.

When visiting a Buddhist temple, why not play your cards? Fortune telling is common in Asia and Thailand’s version is called Kau Chim. You kneel before an alter, pray to a Buddha icon, then shake a cylinder holding fortune sticks. When one emerges, you check the number on it and locate the corresponding oracle to find your fortune.

Temples come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and manner of adornment, including lots of gold.

Pad thai is really just a noodle dish but it happens to be one of Thailand’s national dishes and among the most popular. Bangkok claims to be the origin of Pad thai and the original pad thai restaurant, Thipsamai, is still proudly serving customers.

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