What is Colombia known for?

Any coffee aficionado will tell you that Colombia is known for its delicious brew. It’s no wonder, the country is the second most biologically diverse place on earth where all kinds of plants grow. Other highlights? The most dangerous neighborhood in the world has made a turnaround, street art publishes the country’s narratives, street food is the way to eat, and football is spectacle.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after wine, and beans from Colombia rank among the highest in quality and taste. The secret? Every.Single.Bean is hand-picked and inspected. La Casa Grande Coffee Hacienda is the home of 7 generations of traditional Colombian coffee farmers. It produces organic, specialty coffee and it offers cascara, dried coffee husks from which delicious coffee cherry tea is made.

After Brazil, Colombia is known for having the second-highest biodiversity in the world. Its ideal altitude, tropics, climate, and ecosystems nurture 130,000+ different plant species. Trek through the high altitude of Angels Falls Mountain, across a range of terrain including streams, rocks, grass, mud, a pine forest, and waterfalls, and you can spot amazing nature.

During the 1980s and 90s, Comuna 13 was the most dangerous neighborhood in Medellín, itself the most dangerous city in the world. Violent drug trafficking organizations dominated and it was run by guerrillas, gangs, and paramilitaries. Today, community projects, outdoor escalators (escaleras electricas), and graffiti murals that depict its history have helped this poor district turn around.

Medellín street art is intentional storytelling. Messages represent the times and communicate thoughts, emotions, and responses to country and city issues.

Street food always wins. Eat some blood sausage, a hot arepa stuffed with shredded chicken, or a spicy pork tamale and your mouth (and belly) will thank you.

Fan fervor is its own spectacle when it comes to football and Medellín’s pride and passion are on full display when the city team plays.

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