Lifestyles of the Fit & Healthy

What exactly is wellness anyway? People in different parts of the world and from different walks of life share their stories.

There are places around the world where people live happier and healthier than we do in the west. How are they doing it? Do people even think about their health or are they simply living their best? What cultural influences come into play?

Traveling around the world on a journey of discovery, I’m documenting the stories of diverse people and their approaches to health and wellness. Authentic experiences and personal connections have the power to positively impact our lives. These things resonate the most with me and that’s why I look for stories in the everyday.

Visiting twelve countries in twelve months—from South America to Asia, Africa, and Europe, I’ll strive to maintain my own active level of fitness and health while on the road learning from and about others. For me, travel is itself an antidote for holistic wellbeing and part of a fulfilling life.

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