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The Chief Photo Diarist Tells a Story…

The Chief Photo Diarist Tells a Story… 1024 768 Cyndie Burkhardt

I’m super excited to launch my new blog, “The Chief Photo Diarist Tells a Story…” It marks a new chapter, following my dreams and intuition for what’s next in my life and work.

I’m totally inspired by creativity. As a photographer, I’ve been telling visual stories for over 25 years and this lifelong passion nourishes my soul. Speaking of which, good food, fitness, and feeling healthy in my body also light me up daily. All of these things have a unique imprint inside me and feeling connected to work that I love—as an artist and in health/wellness—is fundamental to my wellbeing. 

Now I have an amazing opportunity to combine my passions in a way I’ve only dreamed of. I’m embarking on a yearlong journey traveling to 12 countries in 12 months and documenting people’s stories of health and wellness from their unique perspectives. What role does culture play? Who am I going to encounter? Who’s going to say the one thing that shifts my point of view? I can’t wait to be pleasantly surprised. For me it’s about learning from first-hand experience, internalizing that experience, and creating something new to both express myself and connect with others.

I’m keyed up about exploring new places. I savor the anticipation of what I’ll see and how that might manifest in my life going forward. As I go from one place to the next, working my way through several continents, I have no idea what I’ll find, but I’m excited to find out.

I hope to surprise and delight you along the way, and maybe inspire you too. As I explore new territory and meet all kinds people, I hope you’ll follow my blog and both of my Instagram pages: @cyndierabbit for health and wellness-related photos and @everywherecyndie for travel.

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