How Do We Get There?

Telling stories to provoke thought and inspire connection between people everywhere.

Do you ever look back at travel pictures and remember a funny story? What happened between you and that person in the picture? How has the place changed? How have you changed? How did you get there to begin with?

My original project, How Did I Get Here? (2016), began an exploration of the power of travel to influence someone’s outlook on life—their perception and identity. Over 900 photographs, representing 20+ years of my travels, accompany a podcast series where people reveal personal truths on how travel teaches them to see the world. For me, individual connection with others has always been intriguing.

The evolution of my journey considers people who’ve impacted it. Stepping beyond the genesis with How Do We Get There? (2017), the “others” share their narratives and outlooks to contextualize the proposition in a broader, more inclusive sense. Returning to Cuba, which I visited in 1999, I search for people I photographed the first time, re-photograph them today, and launch a new podcast series with them telling their own stories. The discovery process and the conversations will be filmed and this will be a video and multimedia piece. A narrative will develop on Instagram (@EverywhereCyndie) for anyone to follow in real time.

The title refers not only to a larger scope of players but also a broad audience the project hopes to engage. We’re all posed with a single question that can be interpreted on multiple levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This project is intended to continue the original goal—to be a catalyst for understanding, inquisitiveness, and bonds between people.